Remelt Stock

" AOD refined foundry stock to customer specific analysis, including refining or melting customer's own material."

Customer's free issue material can either be refined, pigged and returned, or feedstock can be purchased already manufactured.

Scrap can be turned into uniform pigs with low carbon and sulphur levels.

Remelting Stock 20-2000kg pigs 7-9 tonnes in any alloy. As little as 500kg for common alloys. Customer "free-issue" or supplier prime alloy Remelting of customer material to produce ingots

With the increasing popularity of the austenitic, super austenitic and duplex stainless steels foundries are facing an increasing need to ensure the economic supply of quality melt base and also the control their foundry returns - the AOD refining route meets these needs.

Many end users and specifiers including BP, Statoil, Norsok, the NACE technical committee and CTi recognise the value and importance of using refined melting stock and the use of refined material is mandatory for some contracts.