Goodwin offers an accredited four year apprentice training programme inclusive of off the job tuition in our bespoke teaching and workshop training facility. Apprentices that demonstrate the desire to perform in the workplace have the opportunity to progress to a career within the foundry regardless of the qualifications that they arrive with. 95% of Goodwin stay on to build successful careers with us.

The majority of the training is conducted in the form of one to one placements at one of the seven Goodwin UK companies located in Staffordshire. On the job training enables Goodwin Steel Castings as a growing business to ensure that the correct work ethic and attitude is adopted from the very start in pursuit of the next generation of foundry engineers. We look to facilitate long term employment in the local area. Today the average age of the Goodwin foundry workforce is 43 years of age with the average service length of 11 years who yield innovation alongside retained process knowledge.