Goodwin Foundry

A long term vision and sustained investment in our people whilst maintaining a strong capital base enables the company to retain its position as a world leader in the supply of technically advanced steel and nickel alloy castings.

The foundry provides exemplary customer service driven by our people and processes by offering our customers dynamic deliveries and discerning quality management of cast products. In-house research and development programmes have led to patented alloys and unique foundry processes that are the core to our success as a foundry supplying finished components into the most demanding of critical duty applications.

The foundry retains a dedicated workforce of 165 employees whom add exceptional value to our customers supply chains. The foundry benefits from a four year in-house apprentice programme which yields the next generation of foundry engineers and equates to 12% of our workforce. As a global supplier to high profile customers, we pride ourselves in delivering a promise of quality, confidentiality and security when dealing with sensitive or special projects.